View North from Flinders Island over eastern Bass Strait

Llanberis Energy was incorporated as an oil and gas explorer to create wealth by finding and producing oil and gas.

As its first venture, Llanberis has selected the Southern Margin of Australia’s most petroliferous basin, the Gippsland Basin, as the place most likely to contain significant quantities of undiscovered hydrocarbons. It has brought together several very experienced people in oil and gas exploration. The principals of Llanberis Energy have been involved with petroleum exploration in the Gippsland Basin, Bass Strait, offshore Victoria, for a number of years and firmly believe in the prospectivity of the Southern Margin.

Llanberis Energy is the lessee and operator of Permit VIC/P71 on the Southern Platform of the prolific Gippsland Basin. This block is mapped by Llanberis as a focal point and first trapping opportunity for hydrocarbons migrating southwards out of the basin.

“Where oil is first found, in the final analysis, is in the minds of men”….Wallace E Pratt